Tomb and Baradari at Sadhna Enclave – The legacy of the nameless

Tomb and Baradari at Sadhna Enclave – The legacy of the nameless

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Due to its geographical and political significance, Delhi has been the centre of attention for emperor/ Kings/ dynasties for centuries. This Delhi is home to many historical monuments, out these innumerable monuments only a few of them have gained importance they deserve. And a lot of them are lying neglected and ignored in various parts of Delhi.

One such monument is Tomb and Baradari at Sadhna Enclave. This tomb is associated with 15th century Lodhi period. Situated amidst the residential colony of Sadhna Enclave today, this monument is more or less forgotten.  

These unknown structures neither have been mentioned in prominent history texts nor is their importance known to anyone. Not much can be said with certainty about these structures, it is speculated that perhaps these structures were erected during the Lodhi era. Arched entrance welcomes you on the east, south, and north and on the west you’ll find a mihrab.

Based on the features of Tomb and Baradari of Sadhna Enclave experts have estimated some details about these monuments. For example, the tomb based on its architectural style is estimated to be believed in Lodhi era, the tomb was originally adorned with engraved graffiti it had eroded but traces of it are visible. The square shape structure hints towards the fact that it was made for some noble rather than royal.

The Baradari situated across the road that has features that indicate towards its construction being done in Tuglaq era somewhere in 14th century. It is three bay deep and seven bay wide pavilion use of which is unknown.

Looking at these beautiful pieces of architecture it can be said that, these must have been a symbol of grandeur. Although these monuments do not bear the same state as they did when they were built. But even today its magnificence and hard work of craftsmen can be seen through.  

Monuments like these might not have their mention in the pages of history but that does not mean these are not worth exploring. Neither does it mean that just because definitive facts are mot written in the books of history about these, they don’t have a story to tell. Sometimes stories aren’t meant to be read or heard, they are just meant to be felt.    

We welcome you to feel the story of monuments of Sadhna Enclave.

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