Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s Tomb – Hidden Gem of Delhi

Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s Tomb – Hidden Gem of Delhi

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Amidst the narrow streets of Khirki Village, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi stand two lesser-known monuments called Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s tomb (who died in 1527). Sheikh Alauddin’s tomb (who died in 1542) he was the son of Sufi saint Shaikh Faridu’d – din Shakarganj

Shaikh Yusuf Qattal was a Sufi saint who lived in this area in the 16th century was a disciple of Qazi Jalauddin. Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s Tomb was built in 1527.

Both these tombs are small in size and have alike architectural design. 12 pillared tombs topped with Chattri like dome adorned with beautiful deigns and patterns. Intricate latticework on red stone creates a beautiful screen.   

Speaking about these two tombs individually, Sheikh Alauddin’s tomb is a bit more elaborate than Sheikh Yusuf’s.

The arches and parapets of Sheikh Allaudin’s tomb are adorned with coloured and chiselled plaster. The ceiling of the dome bears intricate inscriptions.

Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s tomb is slightly smaller than the Allaudin’s tomb but it’s beautifully crafted and its dome is adorned with encaustic tiles. A few blue tiles and its traces can still be seen o the dome.

Apart from its architectural magnificence, another beautiful thing about this monument is that followers of different faiths come to this place to seek the blessings of the Sufi saint. You will find people lighting incense sticks, offering flowers, halwa (sweet dish) etc to the Sufi saint. Locals revere him as Peer Baba. It’s beautiful to see how saint even after his death is uniting people of different religions. 

Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s Tomb is not exactly developed as a tourist spot, but ASI had initiated its restoration work through collaboration with PEC ltd (a public sector undertaking) the company has adopted the monument as part of CSR and it is the first successful conservation project.

Although this monument comes in the list of Archaeological survey of India’s list of protecting monuments from the look of it you can clearly make out that it has remained neglected for years and still there is no security around the monument. The monument lies in between residential flats of Khirki village in a park. The park is used by kids for playing and animals for roaming around. Sheer neglect of the historical properties like this causing them to lose their existence altogether. There is a need to pay attention and conserve such monuments    

Sheikh Yusuf Qattal’s Tomb


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