Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb

Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb

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Sheikh Chilli’s tomb or Sheikh Chehali’s Tomb is located in Bari Mohalla of Thanesar, Kurukshetra.  It is a very attractive monument; its complex includes two tombs, a museum, a garden, and a madrasa (school).

Sheikh Chehali was a popular name of Sufi saint Andur Rahin / Aabd – ul- Razak. He was a Sufi saint and spiritual teacher of Emperor Shah Jahan’s eldest son prince Dara Shikoh.  The tomb was built by Mughal Prince Dara Shikoh in 1650 in the memory of his teacher.   

The mausoleum is built on an octagonal platform; it is bordered with beautiful Jalis that are made of marble. The tomb is built with buff sandstone, a white marble pear-shaped dome standing on top of high circular drum is placed on its crown. There are 12 chattris around the tomb these were originally adorned with colourful glazed tiles; remnants of these tiles can be seen on some of these chattris. The entrance of the tomb is from southern side.

The grave of the saint is situated in the lower chamber and cenotaph is placed in upper central chamber. The lower chamber and Madrasa are connected via a gallery.

The complex houses grave of Sheikh Chilli, his wife, and 2 other graves. The grave of the Sufi saint is considered sacred. People from all faiths come here to pay respect to holy saint. People often come here light incense sticks, diyass and pray.

The tomb of Sheikh’s wife is built of red sandstone and its dome is made of white marble. The dome is adorned beautiful floral designs and patterns. Some people compare it with Taj Mahal and call it Taj Mahal of Haryana.     

Another attraction of the complex is this beautifully built Madrasa that has nine arched fronts called mehrabs. These mehrabs can be seen on every side of the Madrasa.

 The courtyard of the complex houses a stunning garden, in the centre of which lies a decently crafted tank.

A small Archaeological museum is part of the complex. You will find a lot of historical items belonging to different eras in this museum. 

The Sheikh Chilli’s tomb is one of the prominent attractions of the area. It is a well maintained tomb that has beauty and serenity all around. Wander Bharat recommends you to take a trip down there and enjoy.

After you are done with is monument you can visit nearby ancient site Harsh Ka Tila which has intresting stuff for you there. 


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