Parashar Lake and Temple – A Marvel Like No Other

Parashar Lake and Temple – A Marvel Like No Other

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Located amidst picturesque surroundings at an altitude of 2730 meters is a paradise that we call ‘Parashar Lake’. This serene Prashar Lake is located at a distance of about 50 km from Mandi, Himachal. The view of beautiful Parashar valley is truly mesmerizing, it shows two completely different yet gorgeous sides in summers and Winters. In summers green meadows, clear blue water of the Prashar lake and snow-clad Dauladha range at the backdrop make this place look like paradise. And winter you get to see pure white beauty here.

No matter in which season you come here. The serenity of this place can win you over with just a single glance of it. This place is the ultimate tourist spot one can enjoy meditating, camping, trekking and much at is a splendid spot.

Story of Parashar Lake

It is said that the great sage Rishi Parashar meditated near the lake hence the lake was named after Parashar Rishi.

Parashar lake is said to have been in existence since the time of Mahabharata. A popular legend tells that after being victorious in the battle of Mahabharata Pandavas were returning along with the lord Kamrunag. When they reached Parashar valley, Kamrunag fell in love with the serenity of the surroundings and he decided to stay here forever.

In order to help Kamrunag, Bheema (the strongest Pandavas) hit the mountain with his elbow which created a dent and that dent later became a lake.

An interesting fact about this lake is that to date no one could figure out its depth. There is a floating island on the lake this is made of plant substances in different stages of decomposition.

Parashar Temple

There is a beautiful 3 storeyed wooden temple dedicated to Rishi Parashar near the lake, this temple is built in Pagoda style. The temple was built by Raja Ban Sen of Mandi between 1301-1346 AD.

The Parashar temple houses a pindi (stone) that represents Rishi Parashar, who is considered the patron god of Mandi.

This beautiful Shrine situated in a tranquil location is surrounded by four wooden walls. The walls of Parashar Temple are adorned with alternated courses of stones and are supported by wooden beams. Animals and knotted serpents are carved intricately on the temple walls. It is said that the temple is built of deodar tree wood.

The beauty of charm of this place remains there all time but if you wish to feel something soul-soothing then you should definitely come here during the annual festival. The temple organizes a festival in mid-June every year. If you would like to experience the local traditions and enthusiasm you must during the festival.

Wanderer Says

Parashar Valley is one of my most favorite spots to be. Its beauty and tranquillity cannot be compared to any other place. Just one look of this place will make your heart say ‘Maybe this is what heaven looks like’. It is in a pure atmosphere like this where you can feel closest to nature and yourself.

Parashar Lake is an absolute must-visit spot for everyone, just go there and take some time to admire the splendor of this place and beauty of this place and thank God for creating paradise on earth.


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