Naropa Festival of Ladakh

Naropa Festival of Ladakh

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The Naropa festival is often termed as ‘The Kumbha of Ladakh’ as it unites thousands of people from all over the globe. The unparalleled beauty of Ladakh is enhanced as the mountains eco with mirth, pomp and show.

Why is Naropa festival celebrated?

It is celebrated every 12th year to commemorate the life and teachings of the Buddhist scholar saint Naropa. His legacy forms a major part of the Buddhist preaching and still continues to inspire the life of many. The Naropa festival is an extension of the annual Hemis festival of Ladakh.

Who was saint Naropa?

The historical legends say that Naropa was the gatekeeper of the Nalanda University. He would use his intellect to decide who deserved admission in the Institute. He is also said that later he came to Ladakh where he found his peace by meditating in the caves. This teachings are relevant even in the
modern times and is considered as an example of perseverance and determination.

When and where is the Naropa festival celebrated?

The week-long festival begins around the 16th of September in the Hemis Monastery of Ladakh. It is the largest monastery of Ladakh and is known as the solitary place of a compassionate one.

Special features of Naropa festival

The festival is marked with colorful celebrations and elaborate rituals. The rhythmic tune of the pipes, drums, and gongs mesmerizes the eager crowd. Masked monks dance in merriment. Every mask bears its own significance.

The festival is also an opportunity for the youth to showcase their talents. It is a huge platform for budding talent.

The festival generates awareness through its zero-waste initiative. Also, panel discussions take place to enlighten people.

The grandeur of the festivities flickers in the northern mountains and leaves everyone awestruck. If you are in Ladakh during the mid of September you should not miss this event.


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