Lalitaditya Muktapida – The Alexander of India

Lalitaditya Muktapida – The Alexander of India

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Let me start this blog with a question “Who was the greatest Indian King ever?” Was it Ashoka? Or Was it Akbar? What if I told you there was King whose empire was bigger than any ruler of India including Ashoka, in fact, his empire was bigger than Ashoka’s and Akbar’s put together.  

Yes, there was a king as great, and yet most of us have never heard of him. It was a King Called Lalitaditya aka Muktapida of Karkota dynasty, he was a world conqueror, his empire was the biggest empire ever built by any king in the history of India.

He was the real Alexander of India yet this great king does not get even tiny space in our history books. His mammoth empire was spread from the Caspian Sea in the North West to Cauvery Basin in the South. His empire included parts of Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, Gujarat, Assam Punjab, Bihar, Bengal Orrisa, Deccan, etc.

Lalitaditya ruled India from 724 CE–760 CE, he never lost any war in his entire life. He was one of the biggest conquerors of the world of that era.  He was so powerful that people believed that he had magical powers.

Lalitaditya was a valiant warrior his power was such that even his biggest enemies feared him. He successfully defeated the invading Arbs, Turks, and attacks of Tibetans. He also defeated one of the most powerful rulers of that time, King of Kannuj King Yashovarman.

Lalitaditya the greatest warrior:   

In the 8th century when Muslim Invaders were continuously trying to Invade India, Lalitaditya defeated them badly. Arab General Momin also tried to attack India four-times, he was defeated by Lalitaditya each time. Lalitaditya finally Killed Momin when he came to invade India for the 5th time.

After this everyone had understood that it was not possible for anyone to invade India till Lalitaditya is there.

Lalitaditya ruled for about 37 years and during his tenure, even the greatest opposing forces feared him.

Other than being a great warrior, Lalitaditya was also an excellent administrator, a visionary and a patron of art, architecture, and literature. He established a beautiful capital, had stunning structures built there and he named it Parihaspora meaning the smiling city.

He built a lot of other structures but sadly not much of his time is there today. However, one monument built by Lalitaditya still stands on the Land of Kashmir. It is the Martand Sun Temple, although the temple is in ruins today, even in this stage it one the best structures ever built on Indian soils.

Lalitaitya was the greatest India ruler yet neither we are ever taught about him nor we see him mentioned in the major text.

Unfortunately, today we don’t even have a decent amount of written history amount the greatest king. The only reference that we get about him is in Kalhan’s  Rajatarangini and some Chinese text.

In these texts Lalitaditya has mentioned an invincible hero, who was the best warrior of his age, his reign was the golden period of Karkota dynasty.

Toward the end of his tenor, Lalitaditya became a saint and left for the Himalayas and never returned. Before leaving for the Himalayas he declared his eldest son Kavalyapeeda the next king.

Lalitaditya’s story is the story that needs to be told:

A couple of years ago when I got to know about this invincible king Lalitaditya, I wonder why nobody told me this story before? Why was I never taught about Lalitaditya and his great empire in the history classes? It is a valid question to ask why Lalitaditya and entire Karakota dynasty is erased from the books of history? Lalitaditya was not some insignificant king, he was practically a world conqueror and still, we have we not given him the respect he deserves?

Let’s give this hero long-overdue respect which he has earned rightfully. Share this article to spread awareness about the history and the greatest King of India. 

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