Ladakh – An Unmatched Beauty

Ladakh – An Unmatched Beauty

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Ladakh is a dream destination for people who seek adventure and thrill in their travel. Ladakh is the land of barren mountains, cold deserts, tough roads, and probably most challenging lifestyle. A visit to this mesmerizing hill beauty would not be the easiest but certainly worth it.

From the North, it is surrounded by the Karakoram Range and from the South by the Himalayas. The majestic Indus River flowing inside Ladakh has a very cold and clear state.

Located on a very high altitude Ladakh has to its name ‘world’s highest passes. 

Reaching this glorious destination is bound to be challenging. But once you arrive here you will definitely feel closer to nature and probably would feel gratitude a ton of in your heart.

The lofty mountains, cold desert and Freezing River is a sight to behold. Many adventurist tourists visit Ladakh on Bikes to experience nature closely. 

One would experience the Ladakhi lifestyle, which is an experience in itself. If we talk about the religious beliefs of Ladakhi people half the population is Buddhist and half is Muslim. However, at the Easter province mostly Buddhist population is seen. Hence Buddhist lifestyle will capture your attention in this part of Ladakh.

Somehow the very simplicity of this place manages to strike you. 

The beautiful monasteries, cute colourful flags and the local cuisine

Places to explore in Ladakh:

The monasteries of Ladakh such as Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery.

Pangong Lake:

One of must-see on the Ladakh trip is Pangong lake, this stunning lake is about 150 km long. And is located at about a 5-hour driving distance from Leh. Due to its saline content, the river remains in liquid state throughout the year. Pangong Lake has majestic mountains at its backdrop.  This view is an experience in itself. 

Oangong Lake, Ladakh

Leh Palace:

This palace was built in the 17th century by the then king Singge Namgyal. It was the residence of the royal family. This centuries-old structure still stands tall and speaks of its history. This nine-storey palace is located on top of the hill, offering a panoramic view of Leh. Today Leh palace is considered as one of the most important structures of Ladakh.

The palace also houses a museum which has artefacts from 450 years ago. This museum offers some valuable insights into the history of Ladakh.

Magnetic Hill:

One of the most interesting and surprising phenomena of nature can be witnessed here at Magnetic Hill. The Hill enacts a unique optical illusion. It makes any object going down the hill appear as if it is coming uphill. A vehicle going down appears to be going up. This phenomenon stuns the tourist every time they see it and defiantly makes them admire nature for its truly amazing work like this. This kind of optical illusion is very rare and is seen only in a few places in the whole world.

Tso Moriri:

Located at a distance of about 50 Km Leh. Tso Moriri is a gorgeous lake that offers a stunning view of the scenic beauty of the place. One who decides to camp around will be blessed with the opportunity to witness nature’s beauty.

Zanskar Valley

It is another great option to explore, but it is inaccessible for about 8 months a year because of heavy snowfall.  One visiting valley will experience the beauty of it. It is an isolated valley, situated between the Himalayas and the Zanskar ranges.

One would feel tranquillity in this place, View of the great mountains and soothing sound and purity of Zanskar River.

Nubra Valley:

one visiting Ladakh must-visit Nubra valley. As it has a lot to offer to the tourists. From sightseeing to adventurous affairs, Nubra Valley offers you everything. Few places where one must visit in Nubra valley are Diksit Monastery, Sand dunes, and Nubra River. There is nothing like experiencing the local life hence, visit to the local villages such as Diksit, Hunder and Turtuke is also recommended.

Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking and camping here. Another way to enjoy this beauty is through jeep or camel safaris.

Shanty stupa:

Located at an altitude of about 4267 meters. The Stupa offers a great view and calmness to its visitors. Within the Shanti Stupa, there is a Buddhist temple. Sunset and sunrise look gorgeous from here.

Visit to the beautiful monasteries of Ladakh is a must. Some Major monasteries are: Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Likir Monastery, etc.


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