Jahaz Mahal – Must visit place of Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Jahaz Mahal – Must visit place of Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

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The magnificent state of Madhya Pradesh is dotted with several historical monument and tourist spots. Jahaz Mahal is one of the most loved tourist destination of this region. It is a magnificent palace situated in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. Jahaz Mahal is known for its impressive architecture and picturesque quality which is added to it by the surrounding Baboo tress and other stunning artefacts of nature.    

This beautiful palace was built by Ghiyas Uddin Khilji the Sultan of Mandhu. This 15th century monument (perhaps was built between 1436- 1500) is believed to have been constructed for ladies of Ghiyas Uddin Khilji. Apparently Ghiyas Uddin Khilji had over 15000 women in his Harem (royal consoium). It is said that this stunning monument was erected for Royal ladies of Khilji.

Jahaz Mahal translates to Ship Palace, it was named so because this palace is situated amidst two man made ponds namely Munj Talao and Kapur Talao. Since it is shaped like a ship, from its reflection it looks like as if this palace is floating on water.       

This palace is a beautiful example of tasteful amalgamation of various architectural style. The stunning architecture of Jahaz Mahal shows a fine blend of Hindu, Islamic,  Afghan, Mesopotamian styles of architecture.

The engineering techniques used in building this palace are also exemplary. Balconies are built using special techniques which makes the sound echo.  

The nearby ponds produce impressive reflection of this majestic structure. The water supply system of his palace is also very impressive. 

This beautiful two storey palace is built between two manmade ponds. The main entrance of the Jahaz palace is from the east side. The entrance has an arch which is flanked on its sides by 6 arched openings. 

There are three big halls at the ground floor of Jahaz Mahal. The corridors connect these halls and at both the end of these corridors there is one room. The Three halls of his palace stand overlooking the Munj Talao pond, these halls are attached to a pavilion at their back. These halls had beautiful arched openings.   

Jahaz palace has a number of stunning features such as windows and passages beautifully designed arches. Even the floor, water tanks etc have beautiful designs. 

Some well thought sunning features such as narrow elegant water channels; colourful floor tiles tastefully this marvellous structure. The terrace of this palace has floral motifs.  

The palace has beautiful Hamam or royal bath that has cascades and fountains multiplying its beauty.



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