Gagron Fort – All About the Gorgeous Jal Durgh of Rajasthan

Gagron Fort – All About the Gorgeous Jal Durgh of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan, the home to numerous forts can rightly be called as the Fort state. Today we will be talking about is yet another amazing fort of Rajasthan called Gagron Fort, it is often called Jal Durgh meaning Water Fort. Gagron Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a beautiful tourist destination in Rajasthan.

It is believed that Garg Rishi meditated here hence this place was originally called Galkangiri earlier. Many believe that this place is haunted. It is said that every night one can hear the sound of someone smoking Hookah.


Gagron Fort is situated at a distance of about 12 km from Jhalawar city of Rajasthan. The earliest construction of this fort dates back to the 7th century.

The construction of Gagron Fort apparently took multi centuries to complete. Full-fledged reconstruction was initiated by Parmara Empire Raja Bijal Dev began in 1195 AD.

It was Khinchi rulers who ruled over the Jalawar region. Ala Uddin Khilji took control off the fort around 1300; later Maharaja Jaitsi won the fort from him. Maharaja Prataprao the descendent of Maharaja  Jaitsi was a successful King he turned this region into the richest city of Malwa Plateau. Prataprao later started to get inclined towards religious activities and finally decided to walk on the path that leads to Nirvana, due to this he was revered as Saint Pipa.

Every ruler had their eyes of Gagron Fort which resulted in a lot of battles being over it. Over 14 battles were fought over this magnificent fort. The fort also sees the sacrifice of Rajput women, when the king died in the battle all the royal ladies committed Jauhar meaning sacrifice their life through self-immolation.

Some of the occupants of the fort were Raja Achaldas khinchi, Sultan Hoshangshah, Raja Palhandev, Bahadur Shah, Bhimkaran, Mahmud Khilji, Rana Kumbha, Mughal Akbar. The great Mughal emperor Akbar even made this fort his headquarters.

Gagron Fort Architecture:

It is the only hill and water fort of Rajasthan its three sides are surrounded by water of Kali and Ahu Sindh rivers. The forth side of it is guarded by a deep moat. There is a forest in the close vicinity of the fort.

The fort is built amidst very attractive settings with Mukundara range at the backdrop, surrounded by water and located atop a hill. All of it makes it an amazing and unique site.

Main structures of the fort include Diwan I Am, Diwan I Khas, Barood Khana, Taksaal, Naqqar, Rang Mahal, Madhusudan Mandir etc.

The fort house many gorgeous temples dedicated to Goddess Durga, Lord, Ganesha, and Lord Shiva. The fort also hosts a yearly fair organized in the sacred month of Moharam, the whole is an event is organized at the Tomb of a Sufi Saint called Mitheshah.

This location is a site to behold. The surroundings are absolutely picturesque. You can take some time to soak the beauty or may be capture some beautiful shots.   


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