Dakhni Sarai – The Remains of Bygone Era

Dakhni Sarai – The Remains of Bygone Era

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Dakhni Sarai is located in Jahangir village at a distance of about 25km Jalandhar city. Dakhni Sarai was built around 1640 by Ali Mardan Khan.

This beautiful monument called Dakhni Sarai is located in Jahangir village of Jalandhar district on Nakodar – Kapurthala road at a distance of about 25km Jalandhar city. It was built around 1640 by Ali Mardan Khan a noble in Mughal court during the reign of Emperor Shahjahan. Dakhni Sarai was basically a rest house built for Mughal caravan, this sarai was built along G.T. road (built by Sher Shah Suri).

During the Mughal period, a lot of Sarais were built for the soldiers of the king to rest while travelling. And a good number of Sarai were built along the old highway from Delhi to Lahore as it was a popular route. Most of these Sarais have remarkable built and these serve as example of architectural excellence of the Mughal times. One of such beautifully built Sarai is Dakhni Sarai of Jahangir village.

Architectural beauty of Dakhni Sarai:

Dakhni Sarai is a fine example of Mughal architecture, this place is adorned with intricate carvings and designs that can be seen in the various parts of the complex.

Talking about its layout, Dakhni Sarai is built in a quadrangular shape. It is enclosed with fortified walls. The Sarai has two magnificent three storey gateways one is called Delhi gate other is called Lahore gate.

Within the walls, Dakhni Sarai has a total of 124 cells, a well, garden and a mosque for the soldiers to pray in. Half the dome on the top of the mosque is adorned with glazed tiles. The internal portion of the mosque has lime plaster bearing gorgeous designs and patterns painted over it.

The auditorium doorway of the Sarai is partially adorned with glassy floor covering its internal part is adorned with beautiful designs and patterns on bottle green plaster.

There are circular bastions on four corners of the outer wall of Dakhni Sarai that provide it fortification. A gateway that projects out of the wall is strengthened by octagonal towers with domical cupolas on top. The monument is adorned with geometric, floral patterns and glazed tile work which makes the appearance look stunning.  

Wanderer Says

We often go and see the palaces and forts where the royals lived but exploring places like these which were built for people other than royals gives one insight on Mughal culture, how they catered to the needs of people and their ways and means of functioning. Dakhni Sarai is beautiful monument that gives insight on Mughal Time.

A visit to this monument is totally going to be worth your while. It is a beautifully designed and well preserved structure that tells the stories of Mughal times. A must visit monument to look at old times.


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