Bhangarh Fort Mystery: Story Behind Asia’s Most haunted place

Bhangarh Fort Mystery: Story Behind Asia’s Most haunted place

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If you are one of the daring ones who like to visit haunted, scary spooky places, then Bhangarh Fort is just the right place for you. Bhangarh Fort is considered not only India’s but whole of Asia’s most haunted fort. It is a popular spot specially to go with friends.

Bhangarh fort is situated on eastern part of Rajasthan in Alwar District, around 230 Km from Delhi. It was a township where markets, tombs, Chattris, temples, Royal Residences etc. use to exist, ruins of which are even seen today. The Royal palace is said to have been a seven storey structure, but today only four stories are left.

The whole township was protected by three fortifications and from north to south there were five gateways Ajmeri, Lahori, Hanuman, Phool Bari and Delhi Gate.

Bhangarh fort was founded by Raja Bhagwant Das, he was elder brother of Mariyam uz Zamani also known Jodha Bhai who married Mughal Emperor Akbar. Raja Bhagwant Das’s daughter was first wife of Prince Salim (also known as Emperor Jahangir).

Bhangarh Fort later became capital of Raja Man Singh’s Brother Madho Singh who was Diwan in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Madho Singh and his successors built more structures inside the township.

Bhangarh fort is famous as a haunted place which has made it a popular tourist place for many curious explores. You will hear many haunted stories like a lady in white dress following travellers, creepy sounds of screaming and crying etc.

Also Government has banned visiting this place after sun set. All this sounds interesting and scary at the same time. But the question is how did this place become haunted in the first place? What happened? Well there are not one but two stories claiming to answer this question.

Story of Black Magician and Rani Ratnawati

Rani Ratnawati is said to be very beautiful and said to be the most beautiful lady of her time. There was a wizard named Singhia, when he saw the princess he immediately fell in love with her. He was finding ways to get the princes fall back in love with him.

He somehow managed to have the princess’s maid on his side and asked her to give enchanted oil to the princess, that oil was apparently supposed to make the princess to fall in love with him.

However, the princes too had some knowledge of black magic and immediately came to know about the intension of the wizard. She threw the oil on a boulder stone which made it roll and fell upon the wizard who crushed him to death, before dying he cursed the town that it will not be a liveable place.

Some believe due to this reason many paranormal activities keep happening in the fort and girls are especially adviced by locals to not visit this place in the dark. There is a small structure in the hill nearby the Bhangarh fort which is believed to be the home of that wizard.

Story of BalaNath Curse:

Balanath was an acetic who used to meditate in Bhangarh, before raising the fort Madho Singh asked for BalaNath permission, BalaNath agreed with condition that the shadow of fort should not be on the area of his mediation.

Madho Singh agreed but he or his successors later added more fortification which lead to casting shadow on BalaNath’s Meditation Place. BalaNath got angered and cursed the town. After the ascetic curse the roof of the fort began to fall slowly. It is said that even if the roof is made again it can not survive (due to the curse). As you explore this are you can see many structures standing without roof within the fortification.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: Story behind Asia’s Most haunted place

Is Bhangarh Fort really haunted?

Bhangarh Fort has now become a picnic spot. Despite government’s directive of not visiting the fort after sun set, one can find many young people staying overnight in this place to proof their bravery and even post the same on youtube.

Bhangarh fort border Sariska Tiger Reserve, so it seems quite logical to close fort for visitors after sunset. As a tiger or any other wild animal can be more dangerous than any ghost. Bhangarh fort is surely an exciting place to visit, you will see a ruin of a fairly large township where life was common once upon a time, and these ghost stories are just icing on cake.

If you are planning to visit Bhangarh you should totally go for it. But we recommend not staying in the fort after sunset. Trust me, whether or not this place has ghost, it surely is spooky place. You will for sure have some scared to make fun as they get scared, some good stories and a nice outing. But make sure to be careful and vigilant on the visit.

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