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Avantipur Temples – Stunning Avantipur and its priceless heritage

Ancient temples at Avantipur, Avantipur, Kashmir
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Kashmir is dotted with gorgeous places and there are so many places that make up for must visit sites. Avantipur is one such place that must be visited by the explorers. This beautiful treasure ‘Avantipur’ is situated at a distance of about 29 km from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from the picturesque surrounding, breathtaking beauty, the reason one should visit Avantipur is the ancient temples.

Avantipur is home to the ancient Hindu temples, the temples are not in great shape today but it is definitely worth to visit this site. Even in the state of ruins, these magnificent temples tell their story. Looking at these beautiful pieces of architecture leaves you spellbound. And you are left in a state of amazement to wonder about its erstwhile grandeur. 

Back in its good days, these ancient Hindu temples of Avantipur were loaded with valuables like gold etc, and so were these temples.

There are two famous temples in Avantipur. One dedicated to Lord Shiva called the Avantishwar Temple and the other dedicated to Lord Vishnu called the Avantiswami temple. The Avantishwar temple was built first and Awantiswami temple was built later on.

The temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is bigger in size but is lying in ruins. The Shiva temple is comparatively smaller but has been renovated to some extent. 

It is said that the Awantiswami temple had a majestic appearance. It housed 69 shrines within it dedicated to various deities. 

Both of these temples were built by King Awantivarman who ruled Kashmir in the 9th century from 853 to 888 AD.

These temples have noteworthy architectural style. The appearance of the temples reflects the influence of the Greek architectural style. And the architectural style of these temples is often compared to that of Martand Sun Temple. 

Avantipur temples are adorned with intricate carvings. A lot of religious themes can be seen on the walls of the temple.  Images of Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Navagrahas (9 planets) etc are carved on these heavy sandstones.   

Both the temples are made of sandstone. Apparently, an earthquake that came in the 14th century caused great harm to these temples and lead to their crumbling; the temples remained lost and neglected for quite some time.


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